Call Of The Sea

A.M. Radulescu
Jul 22, 2021

A heartfelt plea

Magnificent empress,

Tantalizing temptress,

Soothing mother,

Cleansing column

of foam and tides

of waves and wild

dreams of old tales.

I beseech you to listen

and help all of us glisten

the truth of our spirit

dormant and unfree.

Be still, wise goddess

and let us connect

to your elemental energy.

Bestow upon us the Gift :

a jolt of cold water

to end our self-imposed slumber.

By A.M.Radulescu

Written on the shores of the Black Sea, while on vacation



A.M. Radulescu

Certified bookworm, published author, hopeful dreamer, advertising professional. Writing about life and self-growth.