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Certified bookworm, hopeful dreamer, cat lover, advertising professional. Writing about life and self-growth, wrapping up my first novel. IG: a.m.radulescu

Try these simple tips for two weeks and you’ll feel the difference

iStock- purchased by the author because of its similarity to her own ginger cat

“Nope! None of it would work!” I screeched out and flung the book in the air. It was the third self-help book I picked within a week. And it all sounded so vague, so generic.

By that time, I had begun to question myself. Three books from three different writers…

The secret to true wellbeing

one of the author’s favorite photos

What do you feel you should be doing?

That was the question asked of me during a recruitment process six years ago by the company’s young and attractive life coach. Dressed to the nine and exuding a cool hipster vibe complete with an old-school pocket watch, he looked at me…

Certified bookworm, new writer, hopeful dreamer, passionate traveler, cat lover, life enthusiast

yours truly


Hi there! I’m Ana Maria Radulescu, but I go by A.M.Radulescu, a subconscious nod to the Potterhead within me. As a teenager, I used to spend most of my money on fantasy and Sci-Fi books. Even back then my dream was to one day see my name on a library…

From adversity to opportunity

Photo by Hope House Press - Leather Diary Studio on Unsplash

Many of us have reached a point in life when anxiety was running rampant, making your heart beat an uncomfortable staccato rhythm, palms dripping, lungs constricting painfully, with oxygen supply dangerously low.

To cite the Encyclopedia of Psychology:

Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and…

Call of the wild

Scotland’s mountains and valleys, with a small cottage in the wilderness
personal photo of the author

On Scotland

Scotland has been a source of inspiration thanks to its beautiful landscapes, vast history, and rich culture. From the enchanting Isle of Skye, to its mesmerizing capital of Edinburgh, and the vastness of its wilderness, the land of Scots has captured the imagination of commoners and kings, minstrels and travelers…

How the series changed a generation and prompted long-overdue talks worldwide

Photo by Michal Ico on Unsplash

“I felt her fear before I heard her screams.”


This is how Richelle Mead starts her epic journey in the seemingly unobtrusive town of Spokane, Montana. I know what you’re thinking. A vampire academy. Ugh. Vampires? Again?! Not so fast, dear reader. This is not your typical vampire series —…

A diary of humiliation

Courtesy of His Majesty’s Facebook account-

April 1st

Here, I’d have my own office, be my own person, have a real name, and not just “you there”. Here, making coffee and copies will be a distant memory. Here, there will be no more humiliation. No longer an intern but an account executive—oh, the promised land.

I squared my…

Guilt Gifts Puppetry

image from the Guilt Gifts Puppetry campaign, all rights reserved to Cheil Centrade and ANAIS

This spring I was fortunate enough to be part of a ground-breaking campaign for one of Romania’s leading NGOs, the ANAIS Association against domestic abuse. All thanks to my full-time job as strategist at Cheil Centrade, a front-runner ad agency in Europe. Beyond the personal implications (as one of the…

A poem about acceptance

Photo by Nicole Avagliano on Unsplash

This is not a poem for awards
or fame,
For money
or gain.
It’s the soul’s endeavor
To reach out.
It’s the spirit’s plight
To shine bright.
It’s a poem for me and you,
It’s a song for every womb.
YOU are beautiful and right.
YOU stand out in a fight
for ideas and words,
for concepts and worlds.
YOU are…

A poem about homecoming

Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

Hello? Is there anybody in there?
Is there anyone home?
No, you’re gone.
Gone, chasing cardboard dreams
Always conforming to society’s schemes.

Where are you now?
Can you even hear me?
Lost in the static
Slave to the matrix
Twisting and turning
And never aligning. …

A.M. Radulescu

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